Steinway Recording is a dedicated recording facility for a pristine Steinway model B grand piano. Using top quality microphones, preamps and software we offer top quality piano recording at an extremely competitive price.

We engineer, produce and master recordings for visiting musicians and can extend this to sessions conducted entirely over the internet.

For recording piano there is nothing more inspiring than the real thing and when it is a Steinway piano there is nothing better. The Steinway piano has become the standard by which others are judged with its uncompromising sound and perfect touch.

The instrument is a perfect Steinway model B (6’11” / 211 cm) number 579089 acquired new from Steinway in 2007. This piano was selected from several model Bs in Steinway Hall, London for its balance of tone across the whole range. The action was immediately re-pinned, set up and regulated by the renowned Steinway technician Jeff Prett - a standard procedure for these world class pianos to ensure an absolute evenness of touch and tone for the pianist. Regular tuning, regulation and maintenance is carried out by Steinway trained technician Peter Roscoe.

The purpose built studio uses heat recovery fresh air ventilation to maintain an extremely stable temperature and humidity whereby fresh air is diffused within the studio through a bespoke air diffusion sock. This achieves draught free and silent ventilation - a very comfortable environment in which to perform and create.

We have plenty of room available for accommodation in our neighbouring farmhouse if required.


Steinway Recording - overview

Recording is done using Neumann U87ai and KM184 microphones with Neve 1272 and UA 710 preamps. This combination is one of the best, capturing every nuance of sound. Monitoring is through ATC SCM45A Pro 3 way studio monitors. Conversion to digital takes place using the UAD Apollo digital interface to Logic DAW. Post processing and mastering is done using Universal Audio Digital plug-ins.


Spencer Cozens